“I heavily depend upon SEO and business tools to supply me with information to do my job quickly and efficiently. You’ll find in our Tool Kit links only to those I can personally recommend.” ~ Cindy McMahen, search marketing PROS

How did these relatively few chosen products and services listed “make the cut”?

These are products and services that have worked for me. There are so many products and services out there that don’t do what they promise. Or they do, but they just don’t work well. Save yourself some headaches.

I’ve also used, and liked most of them myself. I’m only going to recommend a product or service if I’ve bought and used the product myself, or people I respect and trust highly recommend them. By doing that, I feel I can better discover (and share) the pros and cons of the product.

Most are also well recognizable, trusted brands in their fields. I prefer promoting products or services of a company or person that I already know and trust. I know their products are solid, they stand behind them, and that they treat their customers well.