Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design, SEO and WordPress

Why a Responsive Website Design?

The web and its use changes at an amazing pace. Perhaps most notable, is the fact that mobile browsing has now passed desktop use for internet users. Having a website and content that displays well across many different devices (smartphones, tablets, desktop) is crucial. Enter the need for responsive web design (RWD).

Importance of SEO and User Experience

Having a responsive website is also important to search engines. Google’s job is to satisfy users. If users can’t access your site or easily navigate around they won’t stick around. How fast site pages load, the time spent on a website, bounce rates (those immediately leaving it), and other metrics of user engagement (whether they call, download or buy) are all factored into search engine algorithms. Ultimately the aim of search engines (and thus SEO) is to use all these metrics in deciding if your site is best in terms of matching a user’s expectations. It rewards those websites that are best with higher keyword rankings.

WordPress Ease Plus a Responsive Theme

WordPress is used by nearly a quarter of all the websites in the world. Why? Perhaps foremost in importance for search engines is its seen as a content management system having a solid SEO foundation. It’s also versatile — with powerful customization features built around mix-and-match plugins, widgets, static pages, and social media management. Due to all this and more, it has become the most popular CMS in the world, and this has resulted in no shortage of designs for WordPress responsive themes.

Planning Your WordPress Site with SEO in Mind

Planning your new WordPress site with a mobile responsive web design AND SEO in mind will result in a better launch. Before you start building your site, consider your SEO strategy and lay out the website’s goals and SEO first. Pre-planning will help you develop the key search terms you want to be found under. Content development for the site can include preliminary keyword research. All of this will assist your SEO efforts by providing a much clearer design and ultimately, better search engine rankings.

search marketing PROS can recommend experienced designers that support (1) WordPress, (2) that use responsive site designs, and that (3) like to work with SEO optimization in mind. If you’d like help getting a new site up, or crafting an SEO strategy for your existing site, we’d like to help. Let’s talk.