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What is search marketing?2019-12-06T23:23:26-08:00
Do you offer a guarantee on SEO Services?2019-12-06T23:30:35-08:00

Our Services and Guarantee
Our clients (that’s you) receive individualized attention. We don’t do cookie-cutter type marketing. We consider the very best ways to promote each business – strategizing your industry, the services and products you offer, and your best spend for your budget. Following your web site’s marketing we provide ranking report(s) that show results. We monitor and review these results and are dedicated to helping you succeed and build a sustained online presence for your site. We do this without resorting to abusive spam techniques that may get your site banned from the search engines.

Here’s SEO Services Guarantee:
We will re-optimize, resubmit and reregister your website(s) until we have achieved notable increases in the levels of traffic and rankings, with new prominent placements across the top search engines for many of your desired phrases.

What do your SEO packages and other services cost?2019-02-15T11:51:10-08:00

Since our marketing services are custom and each business is different, costs can vary. The cost of your SEO Package depends on your goals and aims, current presence online, and the level of competition for desired phrases for example. We offer 3 different packages with add-ons.

We focus on providing affordable services and SEO packages for small and mid-size businesses. Our hourly rates start as low as $85/hr. We offer a number of marketing services at around $1,500. Our SEO packages start at $2,500. If you fill out our free SEO Marketing Review Form we can get you a better idea for a get proposal that delivers on your expectations.

What exactly is it that you do as part of SEO?2018-12-10T15:11:31-08:00

Put simply: search marketing PROS helps client’s succeed in increasing their presence online and increasing website’s visitors, enabling them to be found by their select target market(s).

For our SEO Services this focuses on gaining natural, or organic search engine presence for clients’ sites for many of their desired keyword phrases.

We do it by:
• carefully editing and optimizing a site’s content (or adding new carefully crafted content)
• seeing you have optimal SEO design, features, and HTML coding friendly to search engines
• performing strategic inlink building where needed
• seeing the site’s pages are well indexed across top engines
• and has a wider online and social media presence – which is important for rankings today.

We also employ many additional online tactics and services around them that will increase your site’s visibility. For example, it may include doing a competitive analysis for your business, evaluating regional and industry specific directories you want to be found in, performing link building campaigns, writing/distributing optimized press releases, marketing planning and strategy consulting, making local and select online advertising buys where it makes sense, as well as offering Local Search Packages with their focus being delivering natural, organic traffic.

SEO Consulting Services: You’ll have better results if you plan your Internet marketing strategy and evaluate the log/traffic reports generated by your marketing efforts. Our Consulting Services and SEO copywriting are very competitive for our level of experience and expertise.

Monthly SEO Marketing Maintenance: Maintaining your online presence requires ongoing site and content development, added inlink building and promotion, as well as monitoring of your site’s traffic.