Why care about search engines?digital and search marketing services

Put simply, because people use them. The number of people using search engines is increasing year-on-year and the volume is almost unfathomable.  In 2018 Google alone estimated average searches had grown to some 5.5 billion per day.

What does that mean for small or mid-size businesses? Search engines are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, putting businesses in touch with international, national and local markets. With that kind of exposure, why wouldn’t you want to be seen there?

How can we help your search and digital marketing?

search marketing PROS is a search marketing firm that has been helping clients grow their businesses using search engines and digital marketing since 1999. We understand their inner workings – and what the numbers behind all those analytics reports and pie charts mean! Best yet, we’re a search engine marketing firm based near Portland, Oregon that offers affordable professional search marketing and advertising services worldwide. 

Are you just launching your website and beginning its promotion? Perhaps you’re considering a website redesign and want some advice on how to improve your SEO? Maybe you’re wondering if an online video will increase visitor’s response or want help with video promotion? Perhaps you’re feeling stretched and are looking for someone to manage and maintain all your site’s ongoing development and marketing, including SEO and online advertising? search marketing PROS can help.

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Our Mantra: Your Success is Our Business

Your business success is ultimately tied to your business marketing.  You’ll find more success online by considering first your business’s overall marketing strategy. Next, develop the goals and measurable objectives for your website and other channels.  Let’s talk about what success means to you and how you might get there.

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Some Kind Words From Our Clients

We are proud to have helped many clients and thousands of students through our online courses.

“…Literally every new customer coming in now says, I’m on your website right now or I’ve found you doing a search…You know it’s unaffordable for small business to advertise and I think it’s just been key to letting us step into the bigger market. I am your number one fan Cindy — you have really rocked for us.”

Megan Duckett , Sew What? Inc.

“It is a major challenge to operate a website, stay on top of the fast-changing technology and keep in touch with our customer base…You have been an extremely valuable asset to me and I really appreciate your feedback, the research you have done for me and your encouragement.”

Bob Donahue, Charting Nature
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