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Landing Page Development / Web Site Development Services

This is the fastest way to improve your PPC campaign results and ROI. Home pages and shopping cart pages are not designed to clinch the deal and bring in a sale. The answer is a special Landing Page (aka Offer Page). The Landing Page serves as a bridge between the ad and the sale. It is designed to get a select audience to convert to buyers at the highest possible rate. The page is developed to close the sale or drive home an intended action (ie download white paper, get enewsletter subscribers).

A Landing Page Package provides for the creation of two (2) specially developed pages to A/B test. Let our professional copywriters and designers help you get the best possible ROI from your online advertising spend!

We may also recommend the setup of a new Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign or our Local Search Marketing or Advertising Service with this service.

Looking for professional copywriting or web site design? If you're looking for copywriting for your website or blog, or search engine friendly web design services we can also recommend design firms that offer our same high standard of service., 25222 E. Welches Rd. Unit 2, Welches, OR 97076 Tel. 503.564.9226 email: