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Our Client's Success is Our Success:

Through our client's words and results, you can see how search marketing PROS can serve you better. We've been helping our clients succeed by providing SEO, online promotion and training for businesses and organizations since 1997.

(1) Client's Testimonials: A few kind words from our clients and past employers about the marketing and training services that we've provided.


 "We started out by optimizing 6 pages…It was at the time an enormous investment, and I was frightened by it. But it was enormously successful. Within 12 weeks we were getting phone calls from out-of-state from people who were now able to find us. Literally every new customer coming in now says, I'm on your website right now or I've found you doing a search…You know it's unaffordable for small business to advertise and I think it's just been key to letting us step into the bigger market."

"I am your number one fan Cindy - you have really rocked for us."

Megan Duckett, Owner of Sew What? Inc. - Theatrical Drapery Manufacturer

See her Dell Success Story.

Read the 7/5 Los Angeles Times article on Sew What? and its SEO success.

It's the use of technology that earned Sew What?, Inc. the 2006 Dell/National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Excellence Award awarded in June, 2006. Through its broadened ability to reach customers over the Internet, Sew What? grew 45 percent in the preceeding 18 months, and now boasts clientele from New York to Athens to Sydney.


Videos on Sew What? Inc. and Rent What? Inc.

TYOP Hero - Megan Duckett
American's Favorite Small Business - Rent What? Inc.
Take Your Own Path - Megan Duckett


"I became acquainted with Cindy McMahen through the American Marketing Association. I have used her services in SEO for my clients, and I have recommended her services to others. She is a valuable asset to have in your mix of contacts and strategic partners. My only hesitation in making this rcommendation on LinkedIn is that I am limited to checking just three boxes in the ATTRIBUTES section [Great Results, Expert, High Integrity] I'd like to check them all!"

-- Tim Sunderland, Gonzo Marketers, a full service marketing agency in Rancho Cucamonga, California.



"“Cindy really knows the search engine business. I met her as the instructor for an online course on that topic. Since then I have collaborated with her and hired her on several subsequent projects. She is very easy to work with and keeps at it till everyone is satisfied. I recommend her without question for search engine optimization and search marketing projects.” "

-- Dave Marsden, D.L. Marsden Consulting



teresa mesa "“Cindy is a talented and hard-working search engine marketer - I'm very particular about who to recommend to my clients for their SEM needs, and hers is always one of the first I offer. She is on top of all the latest SEM news and techniques (that in itself is a full-time job), her search marketing plans and efforts are comprehensive and ethical, and she is very personable. I would recommend Cindy to my clients in a heartbeat."

-- Theresa Mesa, Mesa Design House.


"When I started my web business I thought the hard but would be building the site but I was wrong. The hard part was getting customers! Since I've been working with Cindy I've had a huge increase my hits (and sales!). Her marketing and search engine expertise are helping my little business become big. We've been successful with higher search engine placements in a relatively short period of time. I recommend her highly!"

--Rebecca Jennings,

"Finally, I can quit trying to be a web professional, and get back to my own business. Nexus Interactive has taken on the burden of keeping up with the ever changing Internet strategies. Their tactics work. Since we turned our site over to them, activity is way up, along with the quality of leads. Their monthly reports give me all the information I need without overloading me with the details."

--Michelle Miller, Sales Director,

"It is a major challenge to operate a website, stay on top of the fast-changing technology and keep in touch with our customer base. There is no way it could happen for us without outsourcing many aspects of the operation of our successful e-commerce site. You have been an extremely valuable asset to me and I really appreciate your feedback, the research you have done for me and your encouragement."

-- Bob Donahue,

"I just wanted to thank you for your great workshop this past Saturday. I'm new to marketing and thought your presentation was very informative for both beginners and more experienced marketers."

-- Winnie Jong, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

"Thanks again for the classes. It's very nice to receive so much valuable information, and to be pointed in the right direction in just two hours, without having to read a number of volumous books that are quickly outdated."

-- Bob Young

"Cindy taught as an instructor in Continuing Education, Computer Instruction at Lane Community College...On written evaluations, students consistently indicated that they benefited greatly from her creative insight, ability to communicate, and her skills to facilitate learning and change. As her supervisor, I found her to be a particularly bright and articulate instructor, with the ability to motivate her students. Cindy's classes dealt with advance technology, and she was able to create a relaxed, informal learning environment for the students."

-- Susan Varani, Coordinator for Computer Instruction, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR 25222 E. Welches Rd. Unit 2, Welches, OR 97067, Tel. 503.564.9226 email: