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Our Pay Per Click Advertising Packages:

Our Pay For Performance Advertising Packages are designed to either help launch your site's online visibility and give it an immediate boost; or to build a sustained online presence with your target market and piece of your marketing mix. We specialize in pay per performance ad buys, including Google Adwords, BING (Microsoft), and Facebook advertising.

An effective PPC campaign includes a core of closely-related keywords, relevant ad copy and carefully crafted, relevant landing pages. By increasing your clickthrough rates (CTR) via optimized segmented marketing and matching ad groups and ad copy, you can also reduce the amount you pay for your adverts (your cost-per-click). Small and larger Corporate PPC Advertising packages are available. We can help you with localized (geotargeted to where your customers are) pay per click and impression based ad buys too! If you would like to obtain a copy of our PPC Rate Card and pricing with additional information, please email us at:


What is PPC Advertising?

When we think of advertising on the web, most people think of the banner ad, and the impression-based advertising model, which is based on CPM's (or cost per thousand viewings). However, there is also a large demand for advertising models based on performance. A good number of these charge based on clickthroughs to your site, so they've been dubbed Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

We specialize in this type of media buying as it delivers some of the best return on investment (ROI) available. We believe these performance-based buys to be one of the most effective uses for your advertising dollars today. Often top placement under select keyword phrases can be obtained at sites for just under a dollar per click-through. These sites charge advertisers only for the results (i.e. click or lead) they receive as a result of displaying their banner or link.

The pay-per-click model was pioneered many years ago by - which was purchased by Overture and now Yahoo!. Today there are many web sites, search engines and many Ad Networks offering pay for performance deals. Under this type of ad top placement is purchased under select categories, keywords or phrases. Your search engine placement is purchased, or bid upon. The display of your site's placement, title and description then are to a large extent under your control.

Wondering how much your business should be spending on online/offline advertising? We've got a Frequently Asked Questions section that helps answer that very question.

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