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SEO and Internet Marketing Tool Kit

I heavily depend upon SEO tools to supply me with information to do my job quickly and efficiently. Without them I could never manually accumulate, sort and process all the information I need to compete successfully in a competitive one. I've offered links to the ones below that can I personally recommend. -- Cindy McMahen, search marketing PROS


Keyword Development Tools

Discover the right keywords, and you'll see your traffic skyrocket!  Wordtracker helps you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered..


PPC Web Spy by Brad Callen (SEO Elite) is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that allows you to spy on your competitors Adword keywords. If you have the PPC Web Spy installed, it provides you with the entire campaign strategy for that Adwords advertiser. The amazing part is that you get all this for the low cost of FREE.

Try the free version and upgrade later if you like.

SEO Training Solutions

  Planet Ocean Unfair Advantage Book


For Planet Ocean's Unfair Advantage Book Click Here

Planet Ocean -
Unfair Advantage Book

This ebook always delivers timely SEO advice. So much so that I've chosen it as the textbook of choice for my SEO Course at for all the years it's been running.....

I urge you to check out this eBook. The monthly updates will always keep you up-to-date with important changes - something a printed text just can't do!

Traffic / Log File Analysis

Click Track Web Analytics - Demos

A ClickTracks Overview

Keyword and Campaign Tracking

Revenue Tracking

Exporting Reports

What's Changed Report

A/B Splits

Funnel Report

Click Fraud Demo

Search Report

Navigation Report


  ClickTracks Web Analytics

For highly customizable analytics tools I'm sold on ClickTracks. ClickTracks has added so much functionality besides SEO/PPC and ROI tracking these days including Click Fraud analysis, Conversion Funnel data, A/B Split Testing of Ad copy, etc.

Online Directory Listings and Free PR Postings is a unique business communityand online directory where you have a Full Company Profile with which to promote your business, post products and services with full descriptions and images, distribute press releases, post job opportunities, and more.

Go to

Use to generate Leads. Improve brand recognition and visibility. Gain valuable exposure with your target market.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

  We can make your site an ebusiness for free.

Looking for someone to help manage your affiliate program? One reasonably priced solution I've recommended to clients is LinkShare.


LinkShare Referral Program

(If you're looking for affiliate programs to join - check them out too.)
Cash in with LinkShare's Affiliate Marketing Programs!

Search Engine Marketing Software

For an all around search marketing software it's hard to beat SEO Elite.
Besides a great SEO software, Brad Callen has made it his mission to offer good SEO advice.

Order SEO Elite today and start garnering top Google, Yahoo and MSN rankings.

Business Development Tools

The Proposal Kit is an investment that saves both time and money! Its handy, professionally written templates give me back the time to concentrate on my clients' needs. A valuable software package for nearly any business.

Each Proposal Pack includes 47 templates, with 5 complete sample proposals.

Check out Proposal Kit

Miscellaneous Products

Universal Business Listing | | List Once. Be Found. Improve your local search presence today. Get listed on Search, Social and Mobile sites with enhanced business profiles.

UBL is fast, cost-effective, and your first step in online promotion.

Universal Business Listing


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