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Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing and Online Promotion:

Q: Is having a high trafficked website, top search engine positioning AND a profitable online business really possible?

A: Yes! It's even probable with the right knowledge and experience.

Q: How can I gain that knowledge and experience?

A: Commit yourself to taking charge and learning about the Internet and online promotion. You'll find many helpful resources online, in publications, on the radio and TV. It's likely you can also find many successful businesses and organizations in the business community around you to talk with. Check out our ToolKit for services and software we recommend.

In addition, we can provide you with specialized training OR an online Internet marketing course, where with others like yourself you can learn more -- and watch your traffic and profits increase!

Q: I don't have the time or staff resources to devote to this -- so what can I do?

A: Check into our services and we'll help you develop and implement a plan for your business or organization's online promotion.

Q: How much should I spend on advertising?

A: While the answer depends on if you're a new or established business and what industry your in, studies have shown most small businesses spend between 3 - 15% of past or future sales on advertising. Of course, many of the Internet and new media companies continue to break all the rules (spending as much as 50 - 80%), but for most of us 3 - 15% is in line with what we can afford. How you approach advertising and your choices also depends on what your trying to accomplish. What percentage of sales or business are you wanting to garner online? Are you looking to develop new channels of distribution or partners? Would a mixed-media (online/offline) approach work best for you? We can help you find the right advertising for your marketing strategy, and one which will provide you with an effective return-on-your-investment (ROI). Just complete our form or email us at:



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